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Original unrestored 1932 Oldsmobile that I have owned for 41 years.  The pictures pretty much speak for themselves.  The later pictures show the defects and/or problems, ie – whole in windshield, wiper blade missing and wipers do not work, dents in radiator, broke wing on radiator cap, broke speer on driver front fender near parking light, chrome piece on engine vent off of vent but in car, broke headlight lens but have the supposedly original replacement, coasting in cable not connected, hole in plate on drivers side on engine covered with a piece of duck tape, coupling between generator and water pump is broken and wired together and covered with duck tape (have original replacement piece that needs to be installed,) have original box of replacement Mazda light bulbs, carjack and tire chains are under front seat.  The car has 25,680+ miles originally!  The car shows white pin stripping but should be yellow.  The only rust showing on the car is a couple of places on the running boards where they join the body and/or rubber. In addition, the car runs pretty well!  I have not attempted to fix anything because I do not want to mess up the original car.

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